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Monday, 5 September 2011

Some Lie and Some Die, by Ruth Rendell

The synopsis reads: ' " When the body of a brutally beaten girl is found in a quarry during a hedonistic hippy festival at Sundays near Kingsmarkham, Wexford is first on the scene.  The victim's face has been pulped by the back-end of a bottle, but who, in this atmosphere of peace and love, could be capable of such violence? The body is that of local girl turned stripper Dawn Stonor, but it is the unlikely link between this ill-fated and the mysterious folk-singer Zeno Vedast that piques Wexford's interest.  Through a web of lies and deceit Wexford uncovers a history of love and hate that began years earlier, and he realises that never has he witnessed a murder of such desperate passion..."

Thumbs up again for Ruth Rendell!  I love the Chief Inspector Wexford series. It is full of unexpected surprise and gripping realism. Wexford is of a generation which appreciates times past, and yet, recognises that time has to move on.  Unlike poor Detective Inspector Burden who is scathing of the younger generation and their ways, and 'things were better in my time.'  In my opinion, this novel, as do the others in the series, finds both men fighting crime in their own way, while holding these beliefs close to their hearts. I find this reassuring and I think it adds value to the story.  This is one of the main reasons why I like Ruth Rendell's books.  Nearly always Banks will say something which leaves me thinking about it for a long while after the I have finished.  In this case, Banks, on discovering the murder of a girl, says to Burden, ' "There must be many murder victims,' Chief Inspector Wexford said slowly, 'who meet their deaths without knowing in the least why they are to die." ' It is quotes like this, which in my opinion, prove that Rendell is really a master crime writer.

Who would be the ideal audience? In my humble opinion, Rendell lovers, crime and murder books fans, and I would recommend readers new to crime fiction to give it a go.

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