My avatar & alterego!!

My avatar & alterego!!
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Friday, 10 June 2011


In my humble opinion, this was a 4 out of 5 book.  To me, this book struck the right notes: a toddler abandoned in a park, only to raised in a foster home with a dozen other abandoned boys.  The main character, sorry I have forgotten the name as I have sold this book on, learns about life the hard way. Fighting and bullying are the lessons that each boy is 'taught' on a daily basis.  No one really to care for them, their welfare is in the hands of the 'earth mother', who to some extent tries to do her best.  As a mum to 3 boys and a girl, I found myself wanting to embrace these boys and tell them everything will be ok.  No, in fact, I wanted to cry!  The boy, forms a brotherly bound with another lad. Together these boys became quick learners to surviving life in the harsh, no-nonsense community.  Our original boy leads a normal, respectable life. Married, a daughter, a professional job, and a dream house.  Then it goes all wrong, from here, things are happening..his daughter's life is threatened, someone is breaking into his office, stalking him in fact.  No one believes him and soon he becomes a fugitive.  But why?  Well thanks to his foster home friend, they do get to the bottom of it.  Thank goodness, as this was affecting me too!  I had to finish the book now!  Ok, ok, some people have said the ending was silly, almost a anticlimax.  I do not know I would agree..but what I can tell you is the ending is not what you would expect!  Read it and I reckon you would be hooked! So why then did I give it a 4 out of 5? Well, let's just say, the ending appears to more fantasy considering the realistic early part of the story!  But, who knows?  Maybe that was the author's intention?

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