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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The last time that Sam had the dream she was seven years old; and that was the night her parents were to die.  Twenty-five years later, Sam's nightmares are starting to come true once more.  Now successfully juggling her roles of career woman and mother to a young child she attempts to shut them out.  As psychiatrists, clairvoyants and dream therapy fail her, she is left to confront the evil alone, with knowing its name: hallucination, premonition, reincarnation or psychic projection?  Whatever it is, it won't relinquish its hold.

And the Sam starts dreaming of her own death...

My Humble Opinion:

I am a big fan of Peter James especially his 'Dead.....'  books and so I was excited to get my paws on this one.   Ok, it was very good but not what I expected at all!  Why? Without going into details as I do not want to ruin the story for others, the book began with no build up to the story; immediately I felt I was right in the middle of the my most terrifying dream I have ever had experienced.  Piercing screams, in the middle of nowhere and being chased by a knife carrying maniac who wants to kill me! No not me, but that is how you the reader is feeling, at least that is what I felt.

In the story the main character is Sam Curtis.  She has experienced premonitionary dreams of a terrifying nature at the age of seven and then again twenty-five years later when at thirty-two.  Her dreams always involved a hooded mask figure named 'Slider', who slips in and out of dreams perhaps? At least to me that is the case.  Afterall, Sam's dream state and her reality at times are one in the same.  One minute she is going about her normal day and the next, in the same paragraph, Sam is having a terrifying premonitionary dream that is about to come true. To me this was so effectively presented that I found myself shouting and warning Sam of impending danger and of 'Sliders'  reappearance. 

In my own life I have a friend who experiences nightmares to the extent that she finds sleep difficult to achieve.  This has always been of interest as she (my friend), has spoken of  seeing figures like black shadows or people.  To my delight and surprise, this has a name which is mentioned:  Hypnogogic and Hypnopompic , seeing " weird things when you drifted off to sleep or work up" (p56). 

Anything I did not like?  Not really.  The only thing which I would comment on is the lack of clarity at the end.  Long after I had finished the story I was still trying to understand the story and how the lives of the characters were intwined with Sam's?  Did it really end like that?  Want to know how it ended?  Well you have to read the book then!!

Who would this book suit?  Readers who like James' books, those who like a bit of fantasy and suspence and perhaps gory stuff..sorry I did not mention that bit! 

Footnote, please remember this is my humble opinion only and interpretation.

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